Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dykes, Days Dates, Daily Dances, Songs To Sing

Movie Hits, Horse And Pony Shows, Dykes, Butches to bitches, girls in red hoods, trips to hell and back, wishes on moon, stars to shine. Happy notes, happy feet, songs to sing, dances on the sands of time, glory dazes again. Happy notes, happy dazes on the right side of the grave, horns of goats, love and hate, hats off, wigs off at night, things in common, hairs to you.

So many ways to steal, from his mother, and the other family members, in the name of love. Love and hate, horns of a goat, horns to blow, for the rights and the seasons to share, lessons learned, bumps in the roads. Credit  Crook.......Happy birthdays 2015, fruits and nuts. RV camping lifestyle shared with Steven and Rachel Jarrot. 7608512267. Third place is last place, and no trophies for that placement, keep it for sucker to marry a freak like him. He likes to suck dicks, and it was great not to have to fuck a trick because he was gay, and the meth does that to him. Jokes on the fools and blogs about the snakes in the grass, lies told as truth.

Time on the cross, time to face the lions, kings on a level or two, angels out to protect, earth angels, fairies and pixies. Tales to spin, cash on table, books to write, trips to hell, snakes and frogs. Sharks and whales, birds and bees, trips to hell, blame games to play. Tricked and pimped, eaten alive for a season or two. Crooks and robbers, snakes and monkeys, dances in the rain, dances in the woods. Reasons, seasons and causes, tales in your head, dreams dancing in my head. New plans, new dreams, new cattle and more sheep. Blue and green people, search is on, dates to set with mature, witty owls, kings on land, lions to locate. Knights to shine, kings on land, lions in other forms, men of class. 

Lights on, shame and pains, lessons learned, legends to hear, four tops to spin, girls in the family, Debbie, Phyllissa, Jane, Charlotte, And Richard, last one one, not a girl, the only boy, born. Kids of mine, kids of my family, my mother left us alone. Long time ago, still sad and blue, waited for years, for the other shoe to fall off. Happy to know where the shoes are, the red ones when to stay. Stories tell history, his stories, trips to hell with herds of hell hounds.Repent over and over again, if needed, a couple of can short of a six pack, or the simple or slow have problems with the words truthful and honest. Problems with faithful and bullshit, do not know the difference from the cows and the bison, whales on land, and jack asses from the hills.

Each clause brought images to mind from past and present, as well as images of my hope for the future. I don't know if anyone appreciates your writing—or bothers to say so—but, if none, I hope you find validation in the fact that few could identify with an audience that actually understands what you're writing and be courageous and coherent enough to write it. Bravo, worthy soul! Love and hate horns of a goat. Love and devotions from a man for a women, gifts of the old souls floating here today, gone tomorrow. Lessons to learn, about the fun and games in the minds and hearts of the young at heart. Fairies, pixies, earth angels, bikers from New York, gifts of songs and dances for a better daze.

Tips for the sinners and tales for the saints, gifts to share of the trips around the trees needed for the lessons to learn. Classes in place. Love and hate, truthful and honest, happy and gay, happy and delighted for the dreams in actions, gifts of the young at heart. Jokers and poker players, cum suckers, snakes in dens, sinners and saints, frogs to date. Gifts of white skin, snakes in dens, jackasses in the hills, seconds to holler, snakes on sticks, balls and sticks, fires still burning on the sands of time. Rocks and stones, seven days to work, seven snakes in the dark, monkeys to swing in packs, into the woods, under the dogwood trees. Jokers and players to date, fruits and nuts, part of the home movies. Gifts of film, joys and pleasures, party and pay. Frogs and snakes, in the wind, branches of peace under the dogwood trees. Green Again: Blue knights, stars bright, wishes on stars so high, heavens open, tears of joy and laughter. Jokers to the left, clowns to the right, wishes, hopes and desires stuck in the middle.

Apes site, frog shit, land whales and their shit, pages to turn, rolls of paper to use, shitting times, monkeys years, 2016, 1992, faces to grow, life goes on. Books to write, reviews on post, good and bad, history recorded of a decade now. Moot to most, history written, new job, daily events to write about my view, my world, my animals paths taken, cards to flip, cards to play, cards over and done. Life is a beach, then you expire, lucky stars, all of us, 13 monkeys years, leap years, bakers out.

Monkeys to fight, apes to dates, battle for life, battles won, dates for the lung runs, horse and pony shows, times to dance. Dances with apes, dances with monkeys, dances with rats, dances in the winds, classes of friends, under the skins. Snakes and frogs, monkeys and apes, donkeys in hell, hills and valley....Battles Won: Angels on high, angels in the sky, goodness and mercy battle angels, angels back to backs. Live and love, life of hate, snakes in dens, rotten apples on the ground. Into the woods, into the worlds in darkness, girls in red hoods. 

Fairy tales, girls lost in woods, in a coffin, put to sleep, one day long ago. Seven days of the week, seven days the world to create, one man alone. Animals first created, man alone sad and blue, was not happy with snakes in dens. Snakes in gardens of happy dreams, snakes in fields of daisy blowing in the wind. Songs to dance and sing the nights away, walks on the beach, downtime in the hot tub, pieces of a dream, notes to share. 

Snakes or frogs, food to eat, lakes and river frogs, time to stop, stands to make, happy to note, history rocks. Frogs to snakes, food and fun, trips to the woods, trips to hell and back, frogs to pots, snakes to sticks, frogs to dogwood trees, to hand to swings. Trips with frogs, trips with snakes, trips to hell and back, frogs and snakes for friends. RV campers, Rachel and Sima Jarrot, Steven -seven snakes, frog to date, love and hate, kids and goats, hairs to buy, caps of hair, wigs: Rach Jay, Rachel Butch, Jordan Starr, coins to flip, cards on the table, tales told. Frogs the leader of the frogs,snakes and hackers. Seven snakes, Steven the dog, Steve Jarrot, frog to date, good times. 

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